Seven Wonders of The World Ketubah


Inspired by antique cartography from the early 1600s, the Seven Wonders of The World Ketubah harnesses the excitement of imagining distant new realms, and a world of new adventures and possibilities!



Seven Wonders of The World Ketubah

The Seven Wonders of The World Ketubah giclee print is an antique inspired design with room for custom text in up to two languages.  The sample image shows Hebrew and English, but this can be replaced with wedding vows of your choosing.  If you only wish to show one language, the other side can be used for signatures of witness and support from loved ones in the wedding party. If applicable, please be sure to have your text approved in advance by the person conducting the ceremony.  An excellent choice for couples interested in world history, curiosities, cartography, and vintage paper arts.

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Ketubah Type

CUSTOMIZED KETUBAH PRINT – archival w/ your personalized text