Life of Discovery Ketubah


The Life of Discovery Ketubah is a customizable wedding vow design.  The image shows the giclee print layer, but each order includes customization, and additional layers of artistic touches with inks and paint, making your order one of a kind.  With elements adapted from the mid to late 1800s, the Life of Discovery Ketubah brings together traditional iconography and contemporary symbolism.  Any of the elements can be switched out for different imagery.  The Hebrew text near the center translates to the blessing, “A life of discovery”.  Available in monochrome or Venetian color tones on luscious archival vellum.



Life of Discovery Ketubah

The Life of Discovery Ketubah is an antique-inspired design with room for custom text in one language.  This is a mixed media ketubah, which means it is created using a combination of giclee printing, custom calligraphy, ink, drawing, and painting techniques.  The mixing of all these different materials together creates an extremely rich texture and a particularly lovely surface, full of pigments and layers.  The image here shows sample text in English, but this can be replaced with wedding vows of your choosing.  There is room at the top for signatures of witness and support from loved ones in the wedding party. If applicable, please be sure to have your text approved in advance by the person conducting the ceremony.  An excellent choice for couples interested in world history, travel, adventure, and vintage paper arts.

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MIXED MEDIA KETUBAH -archival w/ painted flourishes


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