Star of David Olive Branch Ketubah


The Starry Olive Branch Ketubah is hand painted on archival paper using high-quality watercolors and inks. Olive branches in various stages of bloom spread geometrically to create a border shaped like a Star of David, with room for wedding vows in any one language. After you place your order, I will contact you to help you select a text and discuss any customizations you desire, then I will complete the artwork and add in your personalized wedding vows. This archival ketubah is 18 x 24 inches tall and is hand-painted on Strathmore’s best 400 acid-free vellum.


Star of David Olive Branch Ketubah

The Star of David Olive Branch Ketubah is a handmade watercolor design with room for custom text in one language.  The space in the center can be filled with the wedding vows of your choosing, which I will add in using your choice of calligraphy or an artistic hand-written font. I can provide you with text options, or you can send me your requirements.  If applicable (especially if you are conservative or Orthodox), please be sure to have your text approved in advance by your Rabbi (this is what makes it a Kosher ketubah!).

*Please Note: This made to order piece is drawn and painted by hand on high-quality archival vellum and will be finished with custom inked calligraphy or the handwritten text of your choice.  If you prefer to write in your own text and order this ketubah as is, the price will be reduced.  As always, colors and fonts can be changed to your liking, except for rush orders. 

I will email you after your order is placed to confirm details about your text and language preferences, along with any alterations you would like made to the image.


Can the Star of David Olive Branch Ketubah be customized?

I want one like this, but slightly different…

Yes! Every aspect of the ketubah can be customized to make it just right for you and your loved one.  If you would like me to create a custom order ketubah for you (gold leafing, special wording, extra design elements, different sizes or imagery), feel free to contact me here, with details, and I will create a special product listing on Etsy that meets your description so we can finalize your order.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 in

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Ketubah Type

VARIATION ON A THEME – a personalized watercolor artwork