At any price point, it will be my pleasure to create something truly special to commemorate your union. Choosing personalized wedding vow artwork is a beautiful way for couples to begin curating a shared life.  This heirloom hangs in the home as a daily reminder of shared hopes and dreams, and promises made to one another.  Once a Jewish and Quaker practice, couples from all over the world now participate in the tradition of creating artwork to celebrate their life together.  Look through the different sizes and styles of wedding vows listed below and If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

This is an example of a Luxe Narrative Ketubah in Aramaic and English, 21″ x 28″.

A large scale narrative ketubah with all the wedding bells and whistles!

  • I will work with you to create a vision inspired by your personal love story, full of meaningful images.  My goal is to draw inspiration from everything that makes each couple truly special, and create a beautiful heirloom that truly reflects their love.
  • Your personalized ketubah will include hand inked lettering or calligraphy
  • And any customizations your heart desires: gold ink, metal leaf, high level of detail, hidden text in the image, special sizes and shapes, reproduction of historic ketubot or a completely original works of art, paper cut borders, just name it.  Your wish is my command!

A completely original ketubah designed just for you made 100% by hand with great attention to detail.  I will get a sense of what you are looking for, and the world you and your partner are building together.  Then I will present you with some narrative ketubah ideas that will include meaningful symbols from your relationship.  After you select your favorite idea, along with any adjustments, I will go into the studio and create your beautiful ketubah. It’s best to order 4-8 weeks before the wedding so you have time to select a display for it, but rush orders are also available. 

A completely customized, unique variation on an existing design (view those HERE).  For example, you might fall in love with the Rose Wreath Ketubah, but instead of painting roses, you might prefer a selection of flowers that have special meaning for you and your love, or some fabulous blooms to match the theme of your wedding.  You can change any visual elements you like, add metal leaf or ink, etc. And of course your personalized written or calligraphy wedding vows are included.

A modified giclee printed ketubah selected from one of our existing designs.  I add in custom calligraphy or artistic handwritten text, then combine printmaking, archival ink, and painting techniques to add interesting details and textures to the surface.  If you already love an existing design I have, this is a great option for you!  

An archival giclee printed ketubah, selected from one of our existing designs, with hand-written calligraphy for your personalized text.