Dearly Beloved Ketubah

Deerly Dearly Beloved Ketubah – This ketubah is cut in the Italian style. Two deer at the top stand together with gold ink lining around the edge. Your custom wedding vows will be handwritten, and there is a space in the banner for the names of the loved ones or a customized message with personal meaning for the couple.

This Ketubah is hand painted using high-quality watercolors and gold ink.  A painted border of acanthus leaves, with Celtic knots woven into their stems, creates a distinguished organic frame for wedding vows in any languages. A gold ink border frames the image, reflecting the shape of the cutout paper in this design. The space in the center will be filled with the wedding vows of your choosing.

*Please Note: This made to order piece is painted by hand and will be finished with custom inked calligraphy or the handwritten text of your choice.  If you prefer to write in your own text and order this ketubah as is, the price will be reduced.  As always, colors and fonts can be changed to your liking, except for rush orders.

I will email you after your order is placed to confirm details about your text and language preferences.

Can the Dearly Beloved Ketubah be customized?

I want one like this, but slightly different…

Yes! Every aspect of the ketubah can be customized to make it just right for you and your loved one.  If you would like me to create a custom order ketubah for you (gold leafing, special wording, extra design elements, different sizes or imagery, same gender deer, other animals), feel free to contact me here, with details, and I will create a special product listing that meets your description, so we can finalize your order.